Where to eat at Disneyland Paris?

Mar 30, 2021

Are you going to visit Disneyland Paris? Europe’s first tourist attraction offers some 60 restaurants spread over the two theme parks and hotels. The restaurants at Disneyland Paris offer several styles of atmosphere and food for young and old. Where to eat at Disneyland Paris? Follow the guide!

Discover the restaurants at Disneyland Paris

Eating at Disneyland Paris means enjoying the American food and the magic of the place that is nowhere else. Depending on your desires, you can eat outside or inside the park,whether for lunch or, simply, for a snack. To add magic to your meal, head to a themed restaurant based on the many Disney characters.


Restaurants at Disneyland Paris offer table service or a buffet where you can eat anything. In Café Mickey, for example, you will meet iconic characters from the walt Disney world, such as Mickey, Minnie, Donald or Bourriquet to name a few. The Princesses, on the other hand, are in the spotlight in the Cinderella Inn. In addition, the Agrabah Café offers oriental dishes in the form of a buffet. To eat at any time of the day and feel at the end of the world, check out the Pirate Restaurant Captain Jack’s where you’ll have a candlelit lunch.

To eat at Disneyland Paris, it is advisable to book your restaurant in advance to avoid disappointment. Many of Disneyland Paris’ restaurants offer a 24-hour online booking system.


A unique experience to your liking and expectations

Due to the number of restaurants at Disneyland Paris, it’s hard to tell which one is the best! Here’s a selection of restaurants to choose from:

A word of advice: to make the most of the attractions, it is better to organize and eat out of step with other visitors. For example, go for your meal at 3 p.m. and enjoy the attractions while visitors have their meals. And, if you stay in the area for several days, bet on The Pass that offer interesting discounts, including in Disneyland Paris restaurants.

Where to eat at Disneyland Paris? Whether in a fast food restaurant, buffet or traditional restaurant, this experience is an integral part of your stay. In most restaurants, you’ll find the atmosphere of your favorite cartoon or movie. Perhaps you’ll come across one of Disney’s iconic characters? To discover the best restaurant at Disneyland Paris, go in search of a unique atmosphere and give way to the dream!

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