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Khady Gbaya

Bimataz creator and your host

How did Bimataz was born ?

BIMATAZ is a real family project.

After working for a long time in luxurious Parisian hotels, I was looking for a new project in which to invest myself and that would excite me.

It is by traveling, discovering the growing place of seasonal rentals, and talking with my entourage that the idea of creating a company specializing in seasonal rentals was born.

The attractiveness of the region has also been a motivation for us: the Seine-et-Marne is a department full of resources, especially the marne-la-vallée area which is attracting more and more attention from tourists.

We decided with my husband to invest in housing with the aim of turning them into luxury seasonal rentals, close to Disneyland Paris, to the delight of young and old alike.

Today, it is a real passion and a full-time job to prepare these rentals, decorate them carefully, welcome and communicate with customers.

“This is just the beginning of a story that thanks to you gets better every day a little more.”

Khady Gbaya, creator of BIMATAZ.

What are our strengths?

BIMATAZ accommodations are all close to Disneyland and are therefore ideal for stays dedicated to the park. BIMATAZ also offers proximity to the capital for those who would like to stay in a quiet and green space while visiting the city for one or two days.

At BIMATAZ we also make sure that you only need to bring one thing: your luggage. Our rentals are over-equipped: it’s a real plus, which saves you from traveling heavily and simplifies the task.

We are constantly listening to our customers, whether for various questions or comments, and we do everything we can to make you feel at home. We even make a guide available as soon as you book to give you something to look after during your stay. It also shows the attractiveness of the region, often unknown to tourists.

Our goal now?

Continue to grow, spread in the region and satisfy our customers.


Equipped and luxurious accommodations


Listen to you and react to your requests


To come with family or friends


Near Paris and Disneyland

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