The Valley Village: exclusive offers, private sales and sales 2021!

Apr 2, 2021

The Valley Village is located in the town of Serris in Seine-et-Marne. The Village is renowned for its tourist activities and exclusive offers that take place all year round.

Discover the benefits that can be enjoyed in this must-see place for all shoppers.

Valley Village: a presentation

The Valley Village is managed by Value Retail, the only company specializing exclusively in the creation of luxury destinations. Value Retail organizes tourist expeditions dedicated to luxury shopping around the world. To date, there are 11 locations distributed internationally. These tourist destinations can be found in the major metropolises of the world, Shanghai, Barcelona, Milan or Dublin.

In the Paris region, La Vallée Village is a popular destination. The center brings together the biggest luxury brands, such as Burberry, Lacoste, Repetto, Longines, Calvin Klein and many others.

The concept of shopping outlet attracts millions of visitors each year from all over France and around the world.

Valley Village Balances 2021: an unrivalled opportunity to do good business!

On the occasion of the sales period of 2021,enjoy beautiful discounts while enjoying a day of shopping in a pleasant outdoor space conducive to the discovery of beautiful rooms.

Shoppers always find their happiness in the aisles of this vast open-air shopping centre, which opens the doors of its 120 fashion brands, at very advantageous prices for customers, especially on one-off occasions such as La Vallée Village Soldes 2021 or La Vallée Village Private Sales.

The bargains are plentid, and the discounts are very interesting for the purchase of clothes, jewelry and fashion accessories created by the greatest designers. The Valley Village Private Sales is the perfect opportunity for fashionistas to review their wardrobes and get designer pieces.

The Valley Village Private Sales: more than 120 luxury brands at unbeatable prices!

More than 120 luxury boutiques housing French and international branded products are gathered in a single shopping centre, a short walk from Paris.

The biggest brands of clothing, cosmetics and lifestyle are accessible in the space of La Vallée Village, specially designed to offer a pleasant shopping experience at the best price.

The experience in La Vallée Village is complemented by restaurants and cafes, which also bring together renowned restaurateurs. You will find the shop of the chocolatier Pierre Hermé, as well as the brand Le Chocolat Alain Ducasse. For a gourmet treat, head to the famous Italian ice cream brand Amorino!

village valley

The Valley Village Private Sales is a unique opportunity to access private sales of shops and exclusive promotional offers. Discountscan go up to -70% in a selection of shops and brands, promising priced shopping sessions defying all competition.

During your stay in Seine-et-Marne, take the time to take a tour of La Vallée Village. If the period coincides with the 2021 sales, you will receive many discounts to offer you the items that make you want. Enjoy!

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