Escape idea: rent a private hot tub near Paris!

Apr 23, 2021

Do you want to spend an unforgettable moment of relaxation and well-being without going too far outside paris? Rent a private hot tub and escape for a few hours, in love, with friends or family.

Your private hot tub is conveniently located in Bailly-Romainvilliers, just moments from Disneyland and the capital. With the private jacuzzi near Paris, extend the magic! Bulli in the high-end hot tub. Combined with the next generation sauna: music, light games… What are you waiting for to enjoy absolute relaxation?

Private Jacuzzi near Paris: for an unforgettable moment

Disconnect from the everyday life and the hustle and bustle of the city and immerse yourself in a world of well-being. At your destination, your semi-professional private hot tub, just for you and your guests! Organize original events with friends: bachelor party/boy, birthdays… In fact, the spa can accommodate up to 6 people.

Blow out your candles in a magical setting! Surprise your other half. What could be better than a moment spent in love in a hot tub? Relaxation guaranteed: Jacuzzi bubbles combined with champagne bubbles! A bubble of love and voluptuousness… And why not take the opportunity to finally make this marriage proposal that tempts you so much? By renting your private hot tub near Paris, you will long remember these romantic and timeless moments. Book the wellness area for 4 hours. Want to prolong the fun? You can add extra hours of relaxation.

Rent Disneyland Paris Spa House

Rent of a private Jacuzzi suite near Paris

Take some time for yourself! Absolute pleasure is only a few kilometres from Paris.
The spa includes hot tub and sauna. The equipment is at the cutting edge of technology! Many features are included in your semi-professional private hot tub: 40 different jets, power-boosting massage pumps, aromatherapy… So relax and enjoy the moment! Choose the intensity and let yourself be guided with the diffusion of essential oils. Indeed, in this subdued atmosphere, your senses will be awakened and your thoughts soothed. In this warm atmosphere, positive waves emerge.

A private Jacuzzi suite near Paris is an original idea to relax. Technology is on the way! Infrared, innovative LED chromotherapy, modern audio system… Effects guaranteed with colorful lighting, vibrations, soft music! You will feel a feeling of wrapping and cocooning with the heat. In fact, well-being will of course be at the rendezvous with the different techniques used. The goal is to refocus yourself with the stimulation and harmonization of your positive energies. Indeed, each color has different benefits for the body and mind. Dual-healthy technology will combine magnesium and Full Spectrum quartz. The virtues are many: elimination of toxins, better blood circulation, relief of muscle pain…

Hot tub near Paris: escape and relaxation assured

Don’t hesitate anymore and enjoy a relaxing and exotic getaway in The Ile-de-France, in Bailly-Romainvilliers. It’s also an opportunity to organize a stay at Disneyland! Plus, with the private Jacuzzi suite, you can rent a house for the weekend! The living room is fully equipped with sofa beds, billiards, open kitchen… Pure moment of relaxation in a relaxing place! An enchanted well-being parenthesis: you’ll be asking for more!

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