Your holiday rental near Marne la Vallée and Disneyland

Feb 12, 2021

Visiting Disneyland is an ideal opportunity to get away, for a weekend or a short stay, and live a magical experience in the company of his family. Nevertheless, and to fully enjoy the magic of the place, it is sometimes better to stay… out of the park!

Away from the hustle and bustle of Disneyland Paris, why choose a vacation rental near Marne la Vallée (link to apartment) to make the most of your stay? Bimataz informs and advises you.

The magic and frenzy of Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris promises great moments that will undoubtedly remain forever etched in your memory and that of your family members. Memories full of twists and turns, laughter, music and shared joys… True to its image, Disneyland Paris promises to immerse you in the heart of Disney magic, to (re)live the adventures that rocked your childhood and to please those you love.

The attractions are numerous, so you won’t have time to get bored! The rides are very diverse, as are the stalls that offer a wide range of souvenirs, gadgets and other confectionery.

At nightfall, you will have made the most of Disneyland Paris and will certainly want a little peace and respite, far from all the tumult. Time to recharge your batteries … to take on all that you have to discover the next day!

Holiday rental near Marne la Vallée and Disneyland

Disneyland Paris is the attractions and entertainment, of course, but it’s also the hotels. However, and as welcoming as they are, staying in the park doesn’t necessarily guarantee the serenity you need after a busy day!

To be able to really close the bracket of all this colorful world, especially if you plan to return the next day, it is much wiser to choose a vacation rental near Marne la Vallée,outside Disneyland Paris.

Your mind, in which magic is in full swing even after leaving the park, will benefit from a comfortable, warm, and particularly friendly place where you can re-emerge your adventures … Quiet!

A moment of gentleness and tranquillity, away from the frenzy of Disneyland Paris, is certainly the best way to enjoy the park. It is also an excellent compromise that allows young and old to find their happiness during their stay.

A good night’s sleep will allow you to experience the events of the next day and live new adventures!

A stay of discoveries in Marne-la-Vallée

marne the Village Valley

If Marne-la-Vallée is now intimately linked to Disneyland Paris, we must not forget that the region has much more to offer than an amusement park. Therefore, opting for accommodation near the park will also give you the opportunity to discover the place at your lost time in order to vary the activities.

Why not take the opportunity to explore many iconic corners, take an aerial tour around Paris, cruise the Seine or recharge in one of the many parks and green spaces in the region? History buffs will enjoy a visit to the Château de Ferrières, while shoppers will go shopping at La Vallée Village,the main shopping centre in Marne-la-Vallée.

The Disneyland Paris experience is one of a kind. For maximum fun and fun, it’s best to choose a holiday rental near Marne la Vallée outside the park.

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